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District 2, more commonly known as the Sunset District and originally part of the "Outside Lands", is one of the foggiest districts in the city. Nestled alongside Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach, it retains a quirky, small town feel while still being easily accessible to the more bustling parts of the city. People from all walks of life have made their homes in this relatively quiet district. The Sunset District was largely undeveloped until after the construction of the Twin Peaks Tunnel in 1918. Many of the first homes there were created out of abandoned streetcars, sometimes several of them put together. A few of those historic homes still stand today. Most of the buildings, however, were constructed in the mid 1940's after WWII. A slew of men returning home from war (and from nearby naval posts) built a significant number of homes in the area, and built them quickly. While many of these homes appear similar on the outside, don't judge a book by its cover. Many of the residences have vastly different interior architecture and design that varies from house to house. The Rousseau architecture of the area is one style worthy of note, incorporating Spanish, Tudor, French, and Mediterranean styles.
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