PolyJet: 3D Printing
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Learn more about PolyJet technology here: https://www.stratasysdirect.com/solutions/polyjet/ “To take what’s in your imagination and put it in your hands--it’s pure magic.” -Chuck Alexander, Director of Product Management at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing PolyJet is a high-resolution 3D printing process which jets and cures thin layers of liquid photopolymers with UV energy. The technology is capable of printing in 16 micron layers, making PolyJet best suited for applications where accuracy, detail and surface finish are important. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing offers an unmatched selection of PolyJet 3D printing materials and can combine multiple materials with a range of mechanical properties in one build to create solid parts. View our current selection of PolyJet materials here: https://www.stratasysdirect.com/materials/polyjet/
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