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Consumers are actively shifting their preference toward an online retail experience, and that includes the process of buying a vehicle. Today’s shoppers are no longer satisfied with just conducting research online—they expect to begin the sales transaction as well. Digital Retailing allows customers to do just that. As a fully integrated part of your website, buyers can shop by payment, explore credit and financing options, get accurate trade-in information, and even put down a deposit on their vehicle of choice. Watch and learn how this efficient, intuitive workflow is completely integrated into your website, fostering a more transparent, convenient experience for shoppers, while providing you with better leads, faster deal initiation, and complete control over your pricing and merchandising strategy. It all adds up to a more streamlined online to in-store experience with proven results. Dealertrack Digital Retailing is part of a connected solution that integrates digital workflows with showroom operations to better serve the online to in-store customer.
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